What is a Xeriscape?


Xeriscapes are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional lawns. They are cost-effective and easily maintained. A xeriscape is usually designed using rocks, gravel, shell, or mulch in place of the traditional lawn. Then colorful plants, flowers and trees are added to complete the design. Many customers choose to add waterfalls and water features to their unique designs. With Xeriscaping, the color schemes and design possibilities are endless. Each unique xeriscape we create is a client's ideas brought to life.


The key to xeriscaping is choosing plants, flowers, trees, and vines that are drought-resistant and climate friendly. Florida Natives, tropicals and desert plants are ideal.


Proper xeriscapes eliminate the need for heavy watering and excessive utility bills. You will enjoy your beautiful xeriscape for many years to come with very little maintenance required.  



Best Plants And Flowers For People

With Allergies and Pet Owners-

USDA Zone 9

There are many people that suffer from some form of seasonal allergies, and many of those allergies are triggered by pollen. The good news is there are many plants, trees, and flowers that produce very little pollen and some that produce no pollen at all. Making smart landscaping choices can have you and your family enjoying the outdoors in no time! The list below contains the best trees, shrubs and flower choices for allergy sufferers and pet owners that grow well in our area (zone 9). All of the trees, shrubs, and flowers listed are not poisonous a.k.a pet friendly!  




Florida Red Maple (female)

Barbados Cherry Tree (small tree, could be used as shrub) 




Crepe Myrtle

Tropical Hibiscus












As for green lawn choices, the best choice for allergy sufferers is St. Augustine. 


See photo gallery to the left to view images of all the trees, shrubs, and flowers in the list. 





Champaca Magnolia Peach Colored Bloom
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champaca magnolia tree
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Southern Magnolia Tree
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Florida Red Maple
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Barbados cherry Tree
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Barbados Cherry Tree 2
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Purple Crepe Myrtle Tree
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Pink Crape Myrtle
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Pink Dogwood Tree
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