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Acai Palm Tree


Scientific Name: Euterpe Oeracea


Appearance: single slender trunk that is topped with dark green pinnate leaves that emerge from a reddish crown shaft. Trunk is about 5 inches in diameter, covered with gray dry bark and ringed with scars from old leaves. Feathery leaves are about 5-10 ft long.


Fruit: Acai berries. In ideal growing conditions they will begin to bear fruit when they are 3 years old. 


Growing Acai: Sun- Demands shade for about one year(Think rain forest floor). 2 hours of sun per day blocked by a house or other plants is ideal.The typical sandy soil that is common in Florida should be combined with peat moss, black dirt, and plenty of organic matter for the palms after they are in the ground. They require constant moisture and frequent watering. They thrive in areas that flood regularly. Very high maintenance. Must be protected against frost and wrapped in frost cloths. 


Acai Palms are native to tropical climates and rain forests, yet we have seen a few mature palms growing as far North as Tampa, FL. 

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